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Global neuronal workspace versus Integrated information theory

Symposium at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) annual meeting. Amsterdam July 14, 2022

War of the Worlds: A dramatic reading of the COGITATE project
Francis Fallon
GNW vs. IIT: How to integrate and test the theories’ predictions
Urszula Górska
GNW vs. IIT: From theoretical predictions to empirical tests
Oscar Ferrante
GNW vs. IIT: Decoding of consciously perceived stimuli in the brain
Ling Liu

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Annual Meeting of the Cogitate Consortium

Consciousness research
Cogitate Consortium

Jan 5th — Jan 9th, 2022. Annual Meeting of the Cogitate Consortium

An exciting meeting to discuss problems, challenges and solutions in the study of the mechanisms underlying consciousness perception, comparing the ideas about Global Workspace and the Integrated Information Theory. Daniel Kahneman gave a lucid keynote talk about his experiences with adversarial collaborations.

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Outlandish competition seeks the brain’s source of consciousness

Brain scientists can watch neurons re and communicate. They can map how brain regions light up during sensation, decision-making,
and speech. What they can’t explain is how all this activity gives rise to consciousness.