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Conduct of Science Discussion Class

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MedSci 300qc. This discussion class is part of the Med-Sci 300QC Conduct of Science course for G2 DMS students. This course is a required course for all Harvard Division of Medical Science graduate students . The goal of this course is to inform students about the appropriate conduct of research and the many ethical and social problems that they may encounter during their research career in graduate school. Prof. Kreiman will lead 5 discussion classes on Mondays 9-10:30am, starting Oct 5, 2020.

Module 1: Research Design, Scientific Misconduct and Accountability

Module 2: Incentive Structures, Research Funding, Intellectual Property, and Conflicts of Interest

Module 3: The Scientist and the Scientific Community

Module 4: Diversity and Inclusion in the Scientific Community

Module 5: The Scientist and Society