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When pigs fly: teaching machines about context and visual common sense

Presentation by Mengmi Zhang at the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2021.

Context is fundamental to biological and computer vision. In this work, the authors introduce a new out-of-context dataset (OCD) with fine-grained control over scene context. This dataset is evaluated through psychophysics experiments in humans and also through state-of-the-art computer vision architectures. The authors also introduce a new context-aware recognition transformer model (CRTNet) to reason about context in visual scenes.

See paper by Bomatter et al ICCV 2021

See also work on contextual reasoning by Zhang et al CVPR 2020

Kreiman Lab News

Contextual reasoning in man and machines

Flash presentation by Prof. Gabriel Kreiman in the SciFoo conference 2021

See also:

Bomatter P, Zhang M, Karev D, Madan S, Tseng C, Kreiman G (2021). When Pigs Fly: Contextual Reasoning in Synthetic and Natural Scenes. International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) arXiv 2104.02215. PDF

Zhang M, Tseng C, Kreiman G. (2020) Putting visual object recognition in context. CVPR. PDF