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Brain Awareness Week at the Boston Museum of Science

 Brain Awareness Week at the Boston Museum of Science.

Seeing with the Mind’s Eye: An Exploration of Visual Attention. Farahnaz Wick

See also related study by Gupta et al:

Gupta SK, Zhang M, Wu CC, Wolfe JM, Kreiman G (2021). Visual Search Asymmetry: Deep Nets and Humans Share Similar Inherent Biases. NeurIPS arXiv 2106.02953 | PDF

The brain’s functional interactome. Jerry Wang

See also the study by Wang et al:
Wang J, Tao A, Anderson WS, Madsen JR, Kreiman G (2021). Mesoscopic physiological interactions in the human brain reveal small world properties. Cell Reports 36 (8) 109585 | PDF

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