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Scientists discover specific neurons involved in making memories

In a new study, intracranial electrodes helped reveal the cells in our brains and the neurological mechanisms responsible for memory creation.
By Conor Feehly

Link to article in Discover Magazine (PDF)

Zheng J, Schjetnan AGP, Yebra M, Mosher C, Kalia S, Valiante TA, Mamelak A, Kreiman G, Rutishauser U (2022). Cognitive boundary signals in the human medial temporal lobe shape episodic memory representation. Nature Neuroscience, 25:358-368



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Brain prosthesis devices to improve memory

Article 1: Researchers to develop ‘brain prosthesis’ to help brain-injured patients recover memory.

Article 2: DARPA awards UCLA $15 million to restore lost memory.

Article 3: UCLA Campus Report: A Brain Prosthesis That Helps Recover Memory, More.