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Congratulations to Yael Porte on her thesis!

Yael Porte
Yael Porte

Comparing neural responses between action execution and action perception. Yael Porte. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussanne (EPFL) (2022). 

Read her thesis here.

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Jerry Wang publishes landmark study on human brain interactome

Wang et al 2021 Human Brain Interactome
Wang et al Cell Reports 2021. Human brain interactome

Cognition relies on rapid and robust communication between brain areas. Wang et al. leverage multi-day intracranial field potential recordings to characterize the human mesoscopic functional interactome. The methods are validated using monkey anatomical and physiological data. The human interactome reveals small-world properties and is modulated by sleep versus awake state.

  • Recorded continuous intracranial field potentials for 5 days in 48 human subjects
  • Characterized functional mesoscopic interactome assessed by pairwise coherence
  • Validated methods using anatomical and physiological interactions in monkeys
  • Human functional interactome shows small-world graph and changes with brain state

Mesoscopic functional interactions in the human brain reveal small-world properties

Wang J, Anderson WS, Masen JR, Kreiman G

Cell Reports 8 (6), 2021



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