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Congratulations Matthias Tsai!

Matthias Tsai
Matthias Tsai

Matthias Tsai successfully defended his Master’s Thesis [09/10/2018]

Matthias Tsai. Neural circuits of visual pattern completion. Ecole Polythechnique Federale de Laussanne (EPFL) (2018).

Click here for a copy of his thesis work

See also the following studies:

Tang H, Schrimpf M, Lotter W, Moerman C, Paredes A, Ortega Caro J, Hardesty W, Cox D, Kreiman G. (2018) Recurrent computations for visual pattern completion. PNAS, 115:8835-8840 | PDF

Tang H, Kreiman G. (2017). Recognition of occluded objects. In Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision. (ed Zhao, Q). Singapore: Springer-Verlag | PDF

Tang H, Buia C, Madhavan R, Madsen J, Anderson W, Crone N, Kreiman G. (2014). Spatiotemporal dynamics underlying object completion in human ventral visual cortex. Neuron, 83:736-748 | PDF